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[16 Feb 2007|06:13am]
Shippuden totally sucked. It was hyped up around so much, that when I finally saw it I could only blink. I kept my attention focused on it the best I could and managed to watch the whole thing......but just GAH! I can never stay focused long with this series because Kishimoto keeps slaughtering the animation. The manga is the best thing to read it really is. To put it simply i'm going to put my review for MySpace in here. No bashing me on my opinions you effing LJ know-it-all's:

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[20 Aug 2006|07:23pm]
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You read it. Comment to be added :)


I have a tendency to bitch about everything little thing when i'm aggrevated. I also tend to go emo on and off. Basically I have a LJ so I can vent off everything on here, mostly stuff I can't in real life, to prevent any unnecessary drama.
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